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Need Based Investment Plans

Everyone likes a good bargain, but we do not always profit from what seemed like a bargain. We figure out much later that we did not use what we had bought. Financial Planning or Investing, like most other activities in life, should be based on our own personal requirements.

It is essential to identify whether your primary need is income or growth. This important classification helps you select your possessions. If you are young and have started to earn, your need for income is high. There are several unexpected charges on your regular income, from events like marriage, aspirations such as owning a vehicle or a house, risks such as changes in job, and needs like investment in higher education.

An investor builds wealth over a span of 35 years, from the age of 25 years to 60, draws down from it and gives it away in the next 20 years. In a time span of 50-55 years, the world can change dramatically and no one knows anything in advance. Need-based investing should always mean keeping the focus on yourself, your income, savings, and needs.

Our Need Based Plans provide you with highly tailored options for personal investments. We can guide you through areas which needs avoiding and areas which specifically need your investment attention to capitalize on bigger and profitable opportunities.


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