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To buy a Critical Illness Cover...

Doctors Looking at X- Rays

Critical Illness is a serious health condition which can have incapacitating effect on an individual's lifestyle and requires a significant amount of money towards treatment. It may also lead to loss of income due to a person's inability to attend work related to his / her profession.

The frequency of serious illnesses like heart failures, cancer, kidney failure, liver disease, brain tumor etc. are escalating every day. Acute illnesses also means loss of income, delicate changes in lifestyle and permanent disability. The financial burden could be more severe than what an health insurance plan would cover. To overcome this issue one needs to get a critical illness insurance which can cover large medical expenses as well as provide a compensation for meeting your day to day expenses without making you run in despair for arranging money.

MG Sasikumar & Associates offer some of the most widely preferred and maximum coverage critical illness insurance options to it clients. Call us to secure your and your family's health today. To know more about the Critical Illness Coverage plans we have to offer, please call us on 088919 29393 or send an email to

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