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High Return Plans

While there are several investment plans in the market, we should always choose high return investment options based on the following:

>> Tenure: Investment options can vary from person to person. Some may want to invest for 1 year while others for 10 years.

>> Risk appetite: A high risk person can invest in stocks, but a low risk investor cannot. Hence, one should check whether it fits his or her risk appetite. High return investment option of investing in Stocks may not always fit for everyone.

>> Liquidity: If you are investing your emergency money or short term investment, liquidity should be high priority. Hence, investment in NCD’s (Non Convertible Debentures) may not be best high return investment option if you are looking for quick liquidity.

>> Taxation: Investment in bank FD Vs investment in tax saving FD schemes would depend on whether you are looking on investing from a  taxation point of view.

Our High Return Plans brings you time proven investment options such as mid-cap / small cap mutual funds, company fixed deposit schemes, investment in stocks, NCD (Non Convertible Debentures), peer 2 peer lending, ELSS funds for tax saving option, investing in debt funds rather than bank FD, investing in low cost ULIP, tax free bonds for higher post tax returns, post office MIS schemes etc.


For specific queries and to know more details on the High Return Plans we have to offer, please call us on

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